Friday, 25 April 2014

Professor's globetrotting research continues

UCLan SENS' Professor Nicola Lowe has been racking up the air miles as her research activities continue apace.

Professor Lowe recently visited Pakistan as part of her collaborative project with the Abaseen Foundation.

Funded by The Wellcome Trust, Dr Lowe led the research exploring the role of the Jirga (a traditional tribal judicial system comprised of male community members) in engaging the community with health and nutrition related research.

The team also set a research and development agenda that meets the needs and priorities of the community, especially those of the mothers and children. The trip was an opportunity to finalise the report and findings.

UCLan has worked with the charity for over 10 years, undertaking research that underpins the charity’s service developments to improve access to good quality and affordable health care, education, and to seek solutions to chronic malnutrition which affect quality of life amongst the population.

Professor Lowe also chaired the first Zinc-Net scientific working group in Budapest, Hungary. The hugely successful launch event featured over 60 distinguished speakers from Europe and the USA.

Zinc-Net, the 'Network for zinc in Biology', received £500,000 from the European Commission to fund research over the next four years into the role of zinc in human biochemistry and physiology.

Professor Lowe and Zinc-Net have also been featured in Research Media's flagship publication 'International Innovation' - to view the article please click here.

For more details about Professor Lowe please click here.

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