Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sport Science students visit Cyprus campus

A group of Sport Science students recently visited UCLan Cyprus.

The five day trip was headed by Course Leader Dave Fewtrell and was designed to allow the 25-strong group to undertake pre-planned field tests.

After spending their mornings on campus, the group spent time at the football/athletics field and beach delivering their tests during the week.

Undergraduate Joshua Parr kindly provided feedback from the trip: "For the majority of the time, all 25 of us spent meal times and free time together. At the start of the trip there were quite a few unfamiliar faces, but by the end everyone pretty much had a nickname for each other.

"It was a very successful trip with an amazing group of people who were willing to be very welcoming and social with one another. It’s definitely a must-do for any UCLan student who has the opportunity to travel abroad for some overseas learning. Many thanks to the tutors who looked after us, they did a great job."

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