CASES unite research relating to sport and exercise related to physiology, biomechanics, technology, nutrition, psychology and wellness.

Sport and exercise performance research assesses the impact of training, technique and performance-related issues with regard to the participation and achievements of athletes and exercisers alike.

Our research is diverse, including outputs in the following areas: equipment design; equine biomechanics; cycling performance; ergogenic aids to performance; performance in extreme environments, chronobiology, paediatric work physiology; match analysis, SAQ conditioning, integrated sport and exercise performance.

World leading resources are available to our students and staff, and include bespoke biomechanics, physiology and biomedical laboratories. Our key equipment holdings include:

  • Ten camera Qualisys movement analysis system
  • Kistler force platform2500 Hz high speed camera
  • Redlake 1000Hz high speed camera
  • Smartspeed timing system
  • Globus twin portable force plate system with rotary encoder
  • Catapult 5Hz Global Positioning system (13 units)
  • Biometrics 8 channel electromyography and electrogoniometry systems
  • Wireless Delsys 16 channel EMG
  • Advanced data processing suite with eight high specification computers
  • HP Cosmos Pulsar 3P sprint treadmill
  • SRM cycle ergometer
  • Lode Excalibur cycle ergometer
  • Monrak Ergomedic ergometers x 4
  • Monark upper body crank ergometer
  • K1 kayak ergometer
  • Concept 2 rowing ergometer x 2
  • Lode recumbent cycle ergometer
  • Metalyser II and Metamax 3B online gas analyzers
  • Douglas bag teaching systems for expired gas analysis
  • Reflotron blood analysis system
  • Ford/Ford blood analysis system for determination of free radical/oxidative stress
  • Hamamatsu 2 channel near infrared spectrometer
  • Hypoxico altitude simulators x 2
  • Cortemp wireless core temperature analysis system
  • Human Norm isokinetic dynamometer
  • BodPod body composition analysis system
  • McCue bone densitometry system
  • Advanced analysis of multiple assays (salivary, blood, urinary, muscle) using plate reader technologies, tissue baths, bomb calorimeter, flame photometry
  • Access to advanced genomic analysis
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