Thursday, 23 April 2015

Zinc-Net research gathers pace

Professor Nicola Lowe recently travelled to Spain to chair the latest Zinc-Net project meeting.

Colleagues from across Europe gathered in Granada for the three-day event which featured a series of discussion groups and presentations investigating Zinc biomarkers.

Leading nutrition expert Professor Bob Cousins was amongst the keynote speakers, offering fascinating insights live by Skype from Florida. Professor Cousins spoke about the issue of biomarkers from human studies of zinc status, to biomarkers of disease, and novel methodologies.

Network Coordinator Dr Marisol Warthon-Medina accompanied Professor Lowe to the event, which was part of ongoing research into the role of zinc in human biochemistry and physiology.

Zinc-Net, the 'Network for zinc in Biology', received £500,000 from the European Commission to fund the research over a four-year period.

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