Thursday, 19 February 2015

Graduate expands research work

UCLan's Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme (URIS) offers students the opportunity to work with the University's academics on projects which have 'real world' impact.

Since its launch in 2008, approximately 200 interns have worked directly with researchers on a variety of projects across the university.

Hayley Vincent, who graduated with a First Class Sports Science degree, joined UCLan SENS as a URIS intern to work on a project focused on sports biomechanics.

In conjunction with Lecturer Dr Jonathan Sinclair, Hayley investigated how different squat techniques (front and back squat) affect the loads applied to the knee which may increase the risk of injury.

Dr Sinclair commented: "During Hayley's final year she investigated the effects of minimalist and sport specific footwear during netball movements. The results of the study were published in The Journal of Footwear Science.

"As knee injuries are extremely commonplace in squatting activities, the results of this research provides useful clinical information to those susceptible to injuries regarding the most appropriate squat lift to use."

The internship gave Hayley valuable experience in Sports Science research. She said she found the process extremely enjoyable: "I gained a real insight into the time and effort that goes into a research project.

"I was involved particularly in the recruitment and communication with participants and the testing process. It allowed me to get used to adjusting to different situations, as things can go wrong. For example, during the testing we had some equipment problems and I had to learn how to change and adapt to those circumstances.

"I had great support from my research team and I gained a lot of knowledge from the experience. It was great preparation for my Research Masters which I'm currently undertaking at UCLan."

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